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Special Needs has the widest market and audience in our family of sites. As one of the first safety related websites customers include individuals, families, local clubs, businesses, all levels of government and military all looking for reliable, yet innovative safety products, systems and advice.

Non-profit groups range from small local causes to multi-national disaster relief agencies like International Rescue Committee, Red Cross and the WHO.


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Our full selection of products and services for home, business, government and international relief agencies.


* Safety products

* Home and Child safety devices

* Emergency Preparedness kits for home and business

* First Aid Kits and Medical tools

* Professional Medical and Rescue Apparel

* Business and Industrial Training Videos and Products

* Disaster response systems

* Incident Command Vests and Systems

* Emergency and Safety Signage

* Disaster Shelter Systems

* Uniform Patches, Pins and Awards

* Promotional Safety Oriented Incentive Products

* Earthquake and Hazard Reduction Products


On Friday evening at  around 7:00 PM EST at the beginning of Hurricane Katrina (during Labor Day Weekend), we received a phone call from the Louisiana National Guard requesting 300 trauma kits to be custom built and delivered to them as soon as possible.  Because of our large stock of medical supplies, we were able to get the kits built and on their way for their immediate use where they were needed most.


The Guard told that they had tried to contact other vendors all week, but were told to “call back after the holiday. “  We understood from our years of disaster experience that  having these items at the scene was more important than a long weekend off.


We also custom built table signs for the temporary New Orleans Emergency Operations Center. Because we have worked in these environment




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