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Finding a mix of fun products that are low overhead to provide higher profit returns to support non-profit groups. Currently typical fund raiser sales programs are far more profitable for the suppliers than the non-profits providing the sales and marketing. CMS, Inc. is taking a fresh look at this area to see what can be done to improve the funds generated.

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A fun lifestyle website for a growing specialty interest. Robotics and robots in general are moving into our everyday culture.  Ten's of thousands of school age and college students are learning to program, build and compete with robots year round.  Kids from 4 to 104 that like robots, robotics equipment and apparel.  The teens that built crystal radio sets  and dreamed of electronics careers are really todays teens that are programing, building and competing with wireless robots dreaming of being robotics and mechanical engineers.

We are building a collection of fun and useful products and an assortment of apparel that celebrates the fun and coolness of building robots and robotics as a hobby, sport and career..

One of the new graphics for the site that will guide shoppers.  Boxbot helps with shipping and checkout.

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Our Goal is to donate a portion of the net proceeds to the FIRST Robotics Team 619 in Charlottesville, VA.


Many Non-Profits are struggling to maintain their programs and are looking for innovative ways to generate funds. We are using this platform to see what is practical and possible to support deserving non-profit groups.


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