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The seed of our company began with two friends talking at a dining room table talking about disaster preparedness for companies.  In less than a year those two people took their formidable, get different, skill sets and combined them into the company you see today.  Who knew that we would be here more than 2 decades later.



Steven Hull

Mr. Hull was born and raised In San Francisco, California. Mr. Hull began learning about emergency management as a pre-teen in the early 70's as his family volunteered in Red Cross Disaster Services and Health Services. Big city fires and local disasters became a normal part of his upbringing.


Through his time with Red Cross as a volunteer and paid staff he had worked on-scene at almost every kind of emergency situation and disaster.  He taught about 17 different classes (and even developed two courses locally for the organization) in both disaster management and health services. Supervised small and large outdoor medical events (with populations of up to 1 million people), run disaster shelters, conducted single family to city-wide disaster damage assessments, conducted feeding operations and provided assistance to countless people and groups in need across the country.  He also began using previous data on events to project estimated injuries, supply and staffing needs. This greatly streamlined the San Francisco Red Cross's ability to organize and respond to unusual events.


Mr. Hull was pleased to see the industry of emergency planning and consulting begin in the 80's, He was surprised to however, to see very few "Disaster Consultants" had any previous background in the subject. Most of these newly minted experts had never experienced a disaster personally or even talked with those that had.  Yet they were to write expensive customized manuals on what companies should do.  They came to Disaster Conferences (sponsored by Red Cross and Others) to both solicit customers and hear from actual practitioners about what needed to be done in emergencies.


Later Mr. Hull began using his experience (and additional training from many sources including EMS) in corporations to advance life-safety, disaster preparedness and emergency management.  He would weed through emergency manuals done by others to point out and fix flaws to make procedures more usable.  Along the way, he also became a FEMA - H.I.S. Inspector helping effected families get assistance in nationally declared disasters.  While he was amassing a large amount of experience in emergency management and operations, he was most interested how to teach first-time or new workers or supervisors in emergencies to be more comfortable and effective right from the beginning of an event.


Bet you didn't know...

Steve is a landlocked sailer now, but spent more than a decade in the Sea Scouts program almost every weekend sailing on San Francisco Bay (the home of this year's  "America's Cup Race")

His family had two Home-Based business in the 60's and 70's complete with answering machine, two decades before it was popular to have a "Home Office" or "VoiceMail" anyone.

His uncles worked for Ansel Adams as teenagers and met many of the F64 Group in the 50s and his Aunt was a gifted modern artist and ceramicist.


Julia Moore

Mrs Moore was born and raised around Asheville, North Carolina. Mrs. Moore started her education in music and performance. She is a graduate of Eastern Carolina University.  After moving to San Francisco, California she moved her professional interests into business. Mrs Moore is known for her extensive background in corporate operations, HR, facilities and management. Her professional performance and teaching background made her a natural as a corporate instructor and speaker. People who know Julie Moore, know she rarely rejects a complicated project or deadline because others say it is "impossible"


Mrs. Moore later started a facilities management company where she specialized in complete set-ups of office facilities across the country for fast moving companies.  Often she would be given a "city name" and would be tasked to do everything from lease to final occupancy. Because of her drive and organizational skills, the build-out would have new employees walking into finished spaces ready for work within 90 days.  (In many companies, they are just finished the lease in 3 months) Mrs. Moore was also brought into work at the Headquarters of Williams-Sonoma to run corporate facilities department.


Bet you didn't know...

Julie plays three different instruments and she prizes her Concert Steinway piano that was built in 1865.

She studied and toured for months in the USSR and almost got stranded during the US boycott of the 1980 Olympics returning home.

She used to ride motorcycles and would love to get back into class 4-5 whitewater rafting.


Something that both Founders share is a unique "Nuts and Bolts" understanding of what is needed for people to operate high stress situations. They both translate the "Theory" of high-stress incidents and disasters into the actionable steps on the ground. Using their combined creativity to "work around" road blocks. They look at the design to find easier, (and usually less expensive ways) to solve problems and accomplish goals.  Our management team sees too many companies in emergencies come to a stop as the first roadblock that is put in front of them.

They try to stay up on the latest reported,unique problems and issues in todays disasters and emergencies. Unfortunately, the core problems from today's latest disaster change rarely from disasters and emergencies twenty or thirty years ago.



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