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Technology keeps moving forward and as it does our vendors and technical suppliers must provide state-of-the-art skills and solutions to help us stay ahead.


Some of our key vendors in the area include:


Dell Computers: Great products, fair pricing and the PRO Support options which provides us with 24/7/365 remote support just can't be beat. They are our primary e commerce host for our sties. When needed, we have created fully populated fully functional websites in hours with there platform. Features and services expand on a stable, secure and reliable system with helpful tech support staff. Godaddy is a one of the most reliable companies we have ever worked with. Whether we need domain names, simple websites, remote servers or email services, we can get what we need in minutes from helpful staff.  They never talk down to newbies but have all the answers that IT professionals demand. While the TV commercials are funny they are a great resource for business.


Our company works with more than 100 different product suppliers to supply the products our customers need.


Just some our our oldest and best suppliers include:

Prestige Medical

Moore Medical



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