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In 1995, our disaster consulting business got the idea to sell a few "hard-to-find" emergency preparedness and home safety items on one of those "Internet Websites" everyone was talking about.  Little did we know what the Internet was to become or the small role we played as it grew.  Creating and growing more websites helped us be more effective at serving our customers.  Their suggestions have helped us create many new product and service opportunities while servicing new and varied markets.  Learn More

Need to create something or address a problem in a plan that you may not fully understand when it's assigned to you?  From product and kit design to graphics to training programs and procedures to meet unique high-stress events - Our bag of "in-house" tools is deep.


Let us show you just some of our capabilities and resources we use to meet your company or agency needs. Learn More

In life, in a business crisis or natural disaster, it's the genuine connections that make the difference.  How we connect with people, resources, vendors, and contingency planning makes the crucial difference when making things run smoothly.  Let us show you all the ways we connect with customers, vendors, new products, social information and much more.


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