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Wholesale and retail consumers of hot and cold pack both instant and reusable gel.  We work with one of the last instant cold pack manufacturers in the US.  Quality US made components are used to make each Ice or heat pack. They have made possibly hundreds of millions of ice packs and heat packs with over 40 years of industry experience.


This is a sub-specialty market focused on small first aid and health care resellers that buy by the case and large-quantity bulk orders of a half pallet to full truckload orders.



USA made Instant Ice Packs and Reusable Gel

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Suppling primarily to first aid and therapy distributors and dealers.  This site specializes in full case full pallet and full truck loads of cold packs and hot packs both instant and reusable. Unlike the old-fashioned dangerous ice packs, these are made with natural Urea. Urea is safe for shipment on airplanes and cannot be used for drug or bomb making.  The site will be expanding to offer related wraps and other therapy products.


For our retail clients special pricing will be added shortly.

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