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History and Milestones


Our History

In 1991, we began a consulting firm providing disaster consulting, training and planning services for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Unlike many emergency preparedness vendors that talk about disasters they see on television, our Founders carried decades of on-site emergency management, pre-hospital care, training  and corporate preparedness and response into the business from the start. After several years, Julie and Steve began to see a shift in customers' needs -  receiving numerous requests for products and custom-built systems for emergency response.  Coupling their extensive background in the field with the "new" way of selling, we looked to the Internet to move forward.


In late 1995, we created as an experiment. SafetyStore started out as an small Internet site designed to supply hard-to-find home and business preparedness products. We are told now that when we started our site, there were less than 25,000 commercial websites in the World. Over time, our 5-page, 40-product website has grown to thousands of pages and products. We are known as a pioneer selling safety and emergency response products on the Internet.   Our growth was mostly responsible to our customers - we have always listened to individual requests, customized needs and additional product line suggestions.  Over time they (and us) have grown to incorporate a wide range of products and services.


As the Internet grew over the years, so did our reputation for great customer service and first-hand product knowledge. Homemakers to international relief groups to government agencies have come to rely on our safety and emergency management knowledge and product expertise.  We pride ourselves on being able to find the right items and services to fill the customers requests.


In 1999, we drastically expanded our business position to more fully meet customer's needs by offering internet, telephone order, wholesale and retail sales. We added 4 websites to offer specific products for industrial safety, First Aid, EMS and Fire-related patches and Nursing pins.


In June, 2001, we moved our headquarters to Charlottesville, Virginia.


In 2005, we completely rebuilt our Internet and back-shop order systems. Our websites continue to get fresh new looks, while still trying to add new product lines.  More importantly, the products are easier for our customers to find, customize and order. We are adding more informational articles, tips and ideas to help people, businesses and government agencies quickly jump-start emergency preparedness and response programs.  As the Internet matures, so does our company's Internet security and computer network to protect both our customers and our growing company.


In 2005, we moved into a 5,000 square foot warehouse in Charlottesville, Va and while in that facility.


In 2007, we were a part of the largest disaster preparedness project in US history. We designed and built disaster shelter medical kits similar to the ones we designed for American Red Cross. We assembled about 251,000 medical parts into hundreds of complete medical kits to provide for the medical needs persons in shelters or at disaster mobile first aid stations for over 300,000 in individuals.  These kits were later used in Hurricane Sandy to great effect.


In 2010 we moved our facilities up a road about 10 miles North to Ruckersville, VA. Because of our location, may customers now stop into see "The Safety Store" they have seen on the Internet since 1995. Due to so many requests we converted part of our Shipping department into a small retail store for uniform apparel in and will call desk. It is nice to occasionally meet customers we have talked to by phone and email for years.  We service our product and consulting customers through e-commerce, phone, FAX and in-person sales calls.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or wish to place an order.


Special Note: Do you have a website that works but isn't bringing in the sales you had planned based on your costs? We are interested in acquisitions of unique websites. Find out more about CMS, Inc. Acquisitions Program .



Each year we continue to add exciting new products and websites to help you find the specialty products you need. We are even adding a few non-safety related websites for things like uniform apparel.


A few high lights as an industry pioneer :


* We estimate that we have now sold products on 6 Continents and over 50 countries, every branch of the military.


* Our medical and trauma kits have been sent to almost a dozen war-torn conflicts and many disaster sites in the US.  Their are places in Africa where our medical supplies are the only ones available for miles around.


* We are nationally known for our incident command vests and response products.


* We sell 10s of thousands of uniform and graduation pins for medical and allied health programs per year.


* We have been called to consult on many high profile projects in the US and abroad. But more important to us is that we are contacted when others have failed, hang-up or are unreachable.  These customers need real answers and vendors that will answer the call, work after 5pm, weekends and do whatever it takes to get the job done. We always try to provide good solid practical advise in non-jargon or technical terms.


* We design and create products and systems not based on theory that are needed by people working in emergency and high stress environments.


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