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Our customers are those who are focused on getting  the right first aid kits or supplies and are frustrated by the lack of choice at other retailers.  Many businesses realize the limitations of the standard "White box on the wall"  and need products for real-world injuries or even workplace violence.

We also cater to advanced first aid, nursing and Medical students and professionals who feel that the college bookstore or uniform store sells only a few overpriced items without understanding the products they sell.  Our customers know whatever the need, our staff is available to help.

Product Focus:

We have always said that we are a “Pistachio Company.”   Unlike the big guys out there, we don’t provide just a vanilla or chocolate variety of first aid kit with no exceptions and no changes.  Who cares if its right for the customer in an emergency. Well we do!


In the world of First Aid and Medical Care, the choice of first aid kits and supplies depends on many factors including: skill level, type of activity, duration and ability to get to medical help.  While it's easy to grab a cheap kit at the grocery or office supply store and hope it will be useful, is it enough to save a life?


We know the needs for a day hike with a Cub Scout group are very different than an a weeks-long expedition down the Amazon River.  That is why our trained staff ask our clients questions unlike the other guys. Our website offers so many choices in a range of sizes, training levels and prices to help each customer find the best option for there needs.


Since 1995, we have listened to our customers, asked questions, made suggestions and made sure that all items leaving our company are a “fit” for the customer’s needs, their budget, their training and their use – even if it means NOT selling something.  We are contacted by customers throughout the country seeking our recommendations on first aid kits for their upcoming events or for specific uses.  Anything can be modified – even with the purchase of just one.   It’s how we started, it’s why we’re still here.


Quotes and Special Events

Just some of the specialty industries and situations we have worked with.


* Commercial Diving Operations

* Disaster Shelters

* First Aid Stations for Outdoor Events

* Executive Protection Companies

* Workplace Violence Response Systems

* Summer Camps

* US Government Contractors Working Overseas

* Family First Aid

* Hospitals

* Marketing Projects



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