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We are relaunching for the same reason we conceived of this years ago - it's needed. In our post 9/11 world, TV features futuristic looking "Mission Control" style Emergency Operation Centers with large staffs to coordinate disasters and high-stress incidents, most of the US does not operate on the same budget.


For most cities, counties and even corporations the E.O.C. is a spare conference space or gym that gets used once a year for a scheduled drill. The E.O.C. program is usually one person that (is in addition to their regular work), would setup, coordinate and manage the operation of the E.O.C. if anything ever happens.  The budget is often times the leftovers of other projects equipment and the supplies are whatever is in the office supply cabinet.  The attention to this vital area has got to change.  No mater how much work went into planning for a major incident, the media perception of the entire operation may be decided by a 4 second pan of the EOC on the evening news.


We hope to help in the following ways:

* Educate the newly minted EOC Director/Coordinator

* Provide many useful tips and budget saving ideas

* Greatly Improve that "First Impression of the EOC" and organizational tools for the operation.

* Provide quality products and customized services tailored for Emergency Operation Centers, Command Posts and  Incident command system operations. Our products and services add professionalism, improve moral, increase organization while saving time and money.




Quotes and Special Events

EOC products we have created.


Thousands of ICS vests to identify and organize the leadership and staff managing operations


Created custom tabletop EOC signage (within 24 hours on labor day weekend) for the relocated New Orleans EOC during Hurricane Katrina.


We are familiar with many types of EOC Operations and Command Posts including: City, FEMA/NIMS, Hospital HICS, Military, Health Departments, classic Fire ICS, Corporate operations and business recovery.


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