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Sometimes Supporting a Charity can Make a Big Difference in People's Lives

Our founders grew up with a strong sense volunteerism and charity for people and communities. Over the years we have supported many causes and charities. While we will be finishing this page shortly we added just few.




We feel that almost every business (big or small) can contribute something charitable organizations. Many times small businesses cannot just write out a big check when ever someone comes calls, but many ways to help exist and can make the money spent, go exponentially further than a simple cash donation.




Stephan Challenge:


in 2012, Mark Stephan set out to raise money for the Rehabilitation Center of Chicago by riding a bike cross the country. While many others have done bike rides to rise money, Mr Stephan, was a quadriplegic that received amazing, state of the art. restorative care at RIC. He wanted to both rise awareness and dollars. Stephan Challenge LLC came to us for first aid supplies for this 70 day event. We were so taken by his story and goals that we donated much more. We created a custom assortment for both basic care items and (in the event of an emergency) advanced trauma and life support gear. Our graphics department created event signage and road safety signs to protect the riders.


We also worked with the group on safety procedures and for the first time, modified our disaster response program to provide 24/7 emergency response assistance should they have logistical problems or any safety incident along the journey.  While our part was small in the overall plan, CMS, Inc. was proud to be able to donate and lend about $4,000 worth of safety and equipment. Our consulting time and response program for this length of event would cost $10's of thousands if the group had to contract for this assistance.  We were placed to see Mark Stephan complete his journey 3,129 mile later in Florida.  We wish the group much success and encourage people to look into the amazing work of the Rehabilitation Center of Chicago. RIC could use your support.




Building Goodness Foundation


Provided many years for first aid and medical supplies for the volunteers building and rebuilding homes throughout the world. During the Earthquake in Haiti, BG set out to build a remote clinic.  CMS, inc. was able to provide both basic medical supplies but also hospital grade medical tools.  After disasters many times well meaning companies send supplies that are unneeded or totally inappropriate for the area. We worked with Building Goodness Foundation to insure everything sent by our company was requested by the clinic workers to help the community and therefore not wasted.  As the charity has grown we now, we have now moved our focus to smaller less-funded organizations.



Pacum Homeless Shelter


Comfort care items, couch drops etc. for a shelter system that opens up only during the coldest parts of the year in the Charlottesville, Virginia Area.  Church supported and and solely by volunteers this charity runs under the radar of most larger donors. While we could send a huge pile of products that we think this population needs, we listen to the organization's leadership as they best understand the need for this population to only send what they request.




Greene County Rescue Squad


Medical and rescue tools for this volunteer organization that provides Emergency Medical Services for a County of 18,000 residents. Many volunteer ambulance groups are struggling to get enough staff to provide medical care to communities.  We provided volunteer incentives of useful emergency tools and apparel for the group for the annual volunteer recognition banquet.  CMS, Inc. was one of the few merchants that donated to this event.  We remind everyone to support the First Responders that support you in emergencies.




Hospice of the Piedmont


Constructed beautiful signs for a yearly fund raiser.


Public Safety Foundation of Greene County


This local foundation came to us with the goal of improving safety in school violence and disaster incidents.  We were able to help them custom design, assemble and purchase classroom Crisis Kits that at help teachers in Lock-down or disaster incidents were student my be injured.  We are continuing to work with this nonprofit and the Greene County School District to greatly improve disaster response and hazard reduction for schools.   For more information click here for the press release.


Cavalier FIRST Robotics Team 619


Safety goggles and first aid supplies for this youth robotics team.  As the economy declined as a result of Great Recession,  it reduced donations for this group by 80%. CMS Inc. is assisting them with behind the scenes logistics and organizational support.  Helping to show this youth educational charity the power of Internet fund raising opportunities.


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