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Helping people understand ...


discussing emergency preparedness and disaster response triggers many high-stress impulses in people unfamiliar with the subject.  In some, it conjures up images from action movies and risky choices.  But by separating the TV hype from the practical, reasonable achievable goals and actions is the key to reducing, stress, injuries, property damage.


We can speak on a wide variety of topics related to real-world emergencies. Distill the TV type from the real world action steps to mitigating emergencies.   We most enjoy educating participants completely unfamiliar with disasters and emergencies to the environment and rhythm of a crisis to reduce shock and confusion. Armed with this powerful knowledge, people are better able to use their natural problem solving skills more effectively.

Consulting is not just using a template ...


What we find is that most companies and organizations have a not an emergency preparedness "blank slate" They have certain ideas in place and some may have extensive plans but holes or procedures are lacking that for specific areas.  We find quite a few vague areas written into boilerplate plans largely due to a lack of on-scene experience.  Learn more here.

Could you design something for me ...


People have good ideas but need someone with experience to help make an actual product usable. We do this all the time for customers.  Give us a call, send an email and let's get that kit, system, training program or product started. learn more here

Our Production Capabilities...


Our in-house capabilities make us unique in today's overly out-sourced world. We use the latest equipment in graphics, production and assembly skills to do a wide variety of tasks from prototyping, though to shipping of  your finished product. We also purchase products from many different industries to give you cost effective solutions in assembled kits, products and value added services Learn More here.

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