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Think about the following questions.


Do you have a website that operates, but ...


* is much more work than you can provide?


* isn't bringing in the sales you planned based on costs?


* No one's offering big bucks for small domain names and websites anymore (the infomercials lied), but you

    don't just want you throw away all your effort?


Maybe CMS, Inc. is a good fit for your needs and goals.

Ever thought about your website making money without all your cost and effort?

In today's economy, running a profitable website is harder than ever. Competition and technology grow every year.  Marketing, website design and maintenance, fulfillment, customer service issues, returns are all required - even if you are just braking-even.  To make things worst, third party marketing and advertising companies can suck money out of you but not deliver results.  If you have ever thought about another way to generate money from your website, I invite you to read further.



In a nutshell, here's our idea.


Since we have been successful operating our growing family of safety and product related websites since 1995, we have the experience and capacity for operating more sites without the individual costs associated with running just one.


Our company takes over well-matched websites. We would provide operations and management, website, e-commerce services, fulfillment, customer services and marketing to run things as successfully as possible. The previous owner would receive a royalty for an agreed upon term/amount, based upon the sales results of that site(s).  Our focus would be to improve the site, business operations, customer service, product purchasing power etc. to create better results thus improving revenue for both parties.


We are not offering a get rich quick solution and are not making promises as to acceptance, performance, outcomes, or profitability.  But if this an idea you would like to discuss with us, we are always available to talk.



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