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About Crisis Management Systems, Incorporated


Welcome to our main company website.  This website is one of several sites owned by Crisis Management Systems Inc. (C.M.S., Inc.) - a Virginia Corporation. We are located in Ruckersville, Virginia. (just north of Charlottesville, VA.), but our company was founded in San Francisco, CA on July 5, 1991 by Julia Moore and Steven Hull.


We began a consulting firm providing disaster consulting, training and planning services for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are not embarrassed to say that like many successful companies, our business operated from a dinning room table. No cool SOMA loft space (in 1991 SOMA was slums and small industrial businesses), and no angel investors throwing money at any new idea. We stated like 27 million other small businesses in the US. We bought a store demo computer, a new printer, business cards and plastic sign for trade shows.  But unlike many competing emergency preparedness vendors and disaster consultants that talk about disasters they see on television, our Founders carried decades of real-world experience in emergency management, pre-hospital care, corporate preparedness and response into the business on day one.


After several years, Julie and Steve began to see a shift in need from "complete from scratch" disaster plans to fixing holes left by previous disaster consulting companies when they would finish a project.  Many companies had existing plans but also had missing or vague areas that made the them far less functional. This shift in thinking broadened CMS, Inc. to the focus and revenue streams of our company in surprising ways. It took CMS, Inc. from a local business, focused on only large fortune 500 companies and transformed it to a leader nationally and internationally.


In the Mid 90's companies and agencies kept requesting hard products, such as kits and systems for emergency preparedness, we stopped turning down these jobs began taking them on.  We were shocked to find that in bid situations, we were thousand of dollars less than our nearest competitors - even when building custom products.


Coupling their extensive background in the field with the new way of selling, we looked to the Internet to move forward.  We did not realize until recently that our first website was created when their were less than 25,000 websites in the world. We were not trying to be pioneers, we thought it was better to separate the few hard product orders from our consulting and training part of our business.


Today, we are known as pioneers in emergency preparedness and safety products on the Internet.  We still use our actual experience in on-site emergency management to help people, companies and agencies to get the right products to match the situation and skill level of those working.


We invite you to explore our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.





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